Using Library Resources

Using Library Resources

Use tabs above for more info on the following topics:

Books: Use the Library Catalog to access books and more.

Articles: Use Databases to access articles from periodicals (journals, magazines and newspapers) and more.

Citation Help: Access info on citing sources and using NoodleTools.

Tutorials: Learn research skills with infoLAB. Access free tutorials and practice tests with LearningExpress Library.


Which Source Should You Use?

Which type of source should you use – books, articles or websites? The chart below can help you decide.


Evaluating Sources

Using the TRAAP Test

There's a lot of information out there, but not all of it is appropriate for your research. You'll need to evaluate what you find and an easy way to evaluate is with the TRAAP Test. Click on the link below to learn more.


Evaluating Help in infoLAB

If you need more help with evaluating sources, try the infoLAB tutorial. Click on the link below.



Search Terms

Synonymous, Broader, Narrower Terms

Before you start your search, think about your search terms. Determine the main idea(s) in your research question or topic. These will be your search terms. For example, if your research question is Should capital punishment be abolished?, then your search term is capital punishment.

Make a list of synonymous terms, broader terms and narrower terms.

Here's another look at this research question and a few related terms.



Can't think of any related terms? Try this online graphical dictionary and thesaurus.




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