New York Times

Access to New York Times

Create and activate a Pass account to access the New York Times, New York Times mobile app, and additional educational content.


1. Click on the link below to go to the Pass Create Account page

2. If requested, login with your eCampus login information (full student email address and password). More details about this login can be found here - Signing In to Library Resources.

3. Click on Create Account

4. Enter your student email address, create a password, and click on Create Account

5. Select Student and a graduation year (guess if you aren't sure) and click on Sign Up

Not a student? Select Faculty or Staff and click on Sign Up

6. Click on the link below and login to activate your account
Once activated, your pass can be used from any location until expiration. Your account will last one year. You may set an option to renew the in one year, but it is not required.