Single Sign On

One Password for eCampus and eConnect  – Does Not Expire!


Create your new password – SSPR setup website

Detailed Directions

1. Visit the SSPR setup website

2. Login with your DCCCD email address

  • Student example:
  • Employee Example:
3. Click Set it Up Now next to at least one of the following verification methods:

  • Authentication Phone is not configured. Set It Up Now. Your phone number can be a landline or cell phone number. If a cell phone number is used, you will have the option to verify your identity by a text message or phone call.

  • Authentication Email is not configured. Set It Up Now. An email address will require a verification code to confirm access.

  • Security Questions are not configured. Set It Up Now.  If you opt for security questions, select and answer five questions.
EMPLOYEE NOTE: Office numbers are automatically used for employees. If the number isn't correct, contact


4. Enter the code you were sent by phone call, text or email.


5. Enter and confirm your new password.


6. You will receive a confirmation message once your password has been changed.


If you have any questions or problems configuring Self-Service Password Reset, please contact the Help Desk at or call the DCCCD Technical Support Center at 1-866-374-7169.